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Monday thru Sunday 6am to 10pm
1319 NE Fremont St
Portland, Oregon 97212
United States
6am appointments available! Premium pricing applies. Please call to book.


Monday thru Sunday 6am to 10pm
1552 NW 19th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97209
United States
6am appointments available! Premium pricing applies. Please call to book.


Monday thru Sunday 6am to 10pm
6313 SE Holgate Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97206
United States
6am appointments available! Premium pricing applies. Please call to book.

About Ginger Salon

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No fear – just fabulousness.

Ginger is on a mission – to give clients the most fabulous hair and stylists the best jobs on the West Coast. Ever since beauty school, I envisioned a beauty salon about redheads – Gingers – because true redheads are rare in the world. And I wanted my salon to be a rarity, too – a place where fabulous hair and careers were the norm, not the exception.

Welcome to Ginger Salon. 

We’re all about creating hair that becomes your superpower; Vidal Sassoon-trained stylists who can also make a living; giving a damn about the environment; and two chairs at three locations so we can fit you in when and where you need us. Empowered, Portland women are busy. And since 2008, we’ve loved being a part of your looks – and your lives.

Deanna Everson

Owner & Founder, Ginger Salon

Putting the Beauty in B Corp.

As the first B-Corp certified salon in North America, we’re serious about creating a business that helps stylists create careers, not just jobs. The goal? For all of our employees to be homeowners and have a path that leads them to retirement. 

A B Corp is a certification process for a company where you have to reach minimums that will protect the environment, give back to the community and give back to your workforce by creating living wage jobs and sustainable career paths. 

So when you come to Ginger, you can know that your stylist is getting paid fairly so that they can thrive – and excel – in there lives and in their careers. Because they don’t have to worry as much about the bottom line, they can be artists and create fabulous hair and experiences for their clients. 

Sustainable salons & stylists means:

  • We do mandatory volunteer work
  • Stylists are also enrolled in personal finance classes
  • Stylists get paid time off
  • Even though we work with chemicals, we work really hard to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as we can
  • All items at the new Pearl location will be recycled

We our stylists!

We also heart consistency and quality when it comes to hair. That’s why we implement a one-year training program that concludes with new hires flying to the Vidal Sassoon Academy at the end of the year. All of our stylists are trained in Vidal Sassoon methods, giving us big-city quality with Portland-style cuts that are easy-to-style and even easier to love – no umbrella required.

We also deliver on extreme vetting of hires, hands-on management, full-time supervision, and the kind of apprenticeship you rarely see, anymore. Gingers work as a team. We also take care of each other financially and otherwise for the best salon experience for everyone – even the environment! 


Did we mention Deanna used to be a camp counselor?

Fabulous Facts

  • Sassoon-inspired cuts that make your hair your superpower
  • Portland vibes
  • B-corp certified for sustainable practices and employees
  • Consistent pay + health benefits + awesome training + support = happy stylists