Shout out to the deep thinkers in our chairs. The ones who are silently wondering (maybe even with a few nerves)  if it’s ok to share an inspiration photo, to come in with dirty hair - or speak up with an ask to do things differently. We see you. We hear you. And for you, we’re asking our Ginger stylists to give us their perspective on a few of the most common client questions (or anxiety-inducing notions), so that you feel calm, confident and ready for the joy of it all. 


IDEA ONE: Hair stylists hate photos. 

STYLIST TRUTH: Not true! Having a visual aid for us to discuss will help bridge what is in your mind and what is possible with your hair by my hands. It greatly helps with communication, especially when working with someone new. -Stina


IDEA TWO: I need to entertain the stylist, and using my phone is rude. 

STYLIST TRUTH: This is YOUR time to do you, and we have plenty to concentrate on if you don't feel chatty or there is a laul in the convo. Natural, comfortable flow is totally allowed- even if they didn't choose a silent service (another amazing service we offer!) -Carrie


IDEA THREE: I can’t say I don’t like something, because I don’t want to hurt feelings. 

STYLIST TRUTH: The easiest way to let your stylist know you’re unhappy, is to be straight forward. Let them know you’re not sure it’s exactly what you were wanting or envisioning. Ask the stylist if you end up wanting a touch up or change, who you should contact. I’m very open with my clients about reaching out to me, or the front desk, if they don’t love something.

Also, I love photo inspiration (even images of what you don’t like) and as much detailed information about is currently on your hair (color wise). If you have curly hair, come with it curly! If you don’t like to come with how you usually wear your hair, bring photos of you normally wear your hair, so we can have an idea of what you do daily. -Stephanie


IDEA FOUR: My hair should be really dirty before a color service.

STYLIST TRUTH:  I once had a client say that her old stylist used to want her to come in with a week's worth of oils at her scalp to protect her hair from the color. NOT true. Nobody should be coming in with that much buildup on their scalp, because the color may not take evenly and/or cover grays. If you have a sensitive scalp/color irritates your scalp, I would recommend that you simply don’t scrub your scalp extra hard the day of the wash. -Stephanie


IDEA FIVE: My hair is so oily and fine, so I never use conditioner. 

STYLIST TRUTH: When you skip the process of conditioning, your scalp will overproduce oil to make up for lost moisture after shampooing. Always replace the moisture that was taken away from the cleanse. Happy scalp, happy hair! -Nicki


What is your common question? Feel free to ask us. Your experience should be nothing but smooth sailing and elevated feels.