Have you ever walked into a salon and felt as if you needed to pinch your nose to save yourself from dropping dead from the toxins in the air traveling to your brain? Well yeah, us too. That's why we house air purifiers at each of our salons- so that we can keep our stylists and clients alive and well. 

The purifiers are especially helpful when processing with Keratin, doing perms, or even a day booked with coloring appointments. However, the benefits of having purifiers in our salon go beyond cleaning chemical-infested air. Here are a few:

1. Clears air of airborne particles- AKA an Asthma attack preventing QUEEN!

Here we are, living our day-to-day lives, shedding copious amounts of dead skin cells, accumulating dust and spreading germs. All of those tiny particles get trapped in our air and although we can't see them, smell them, taste them, feel them- or much less hear them, they exist and we're breathing them in. Now, for people with Asthma, this can be detrimental to their health. In short, air purifiers can save lives. 

2. Fresh air triggers relaxation - less stress more fabulousness!

Breathing in clean air decreases cortisol levels (a stress hormone) and allows you to relax. Conversely, breathing in infected air can cause stress and agitation (who knew the air you're breathing could be the reason you've felt compelled to side-eye your coworker at the sound of their joyous chuckle?). This is great news. Turns out you're not bitter, you're just breathing in dirty air- duh! Yay for a positive work environment!

3. Cleanses air of tough odors- the disruptively smelly ones. 

We've talked about cleansing the salon air of chemicals but they aren't the only ones to blame when it comes to harsh odors. People are coming in and out of the salon all day. They go about their day as they do: drop-in, then head on out and we're left with a salad bowl of smells. As you can imagine, the mixture can create an imbalance in the air. Purifiers help neutralize the air. From pungent to pesky odors, these babies can eliminate them all!


We hope you can now embrace our purifiers. They work very hard and get so little recognition. Next time you see them, show them some gratitude- say, "Hey, thanks! You're doing amazing." or maybe don't, whatever. 

Happy breathing!