We are bringing in editorial services led by our Queen Jasmine- let it be known!

As a team, we want each other to grow, prosper and gain experience outside of the salon (so that take notes on what they’ve learned once they get back, of course). With experience as a Bumble Bumble Network Educator and working on numerous photoshoots, Jazz is well versed in the ins and outs of the industry. Educated and fabulous, could you dream of a better combination?

Jasmine has taken a humble initiative at leading Ginger’s editorial service, where she will not only have the opportunity to put her creative mind to work but also represent Ginger in the greater community. Jazz is all about feeding her passions. So much so that she and Nicki traveled to, not L.A or New York, but Minnesota for Kevin Murphy’s SHOOT.ME class (we still commend them for their bravery), where they learned how to run a photoshoot. Queens; masters, leaders.

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While we aim to grow and expand Ginger Salon within the community, it is important that we stay true to our values. What does it all mean?! It means that if you’re a women-led business, we want to work with you! If you’re an all-inclusive brand, we want to work with YOU; if you’re about changing the fucking world, WE WANT TO WORK WITH YOU.

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Reach out to us via Instagram, @gingersalonpdx or email our marketing coordinator, sam@gingersalon.com for potential partnerships! All inquiries are subject to consideration.