Calling all bleach babes! We've found her, your go-to service, she, who you have been looking for all along (okay, just 5 weeks). She's short and simple, but most of all she is strong and can do so much to recharge your look.

This service is for all over root retouch bleaching. Includes a 5-minute semi-permanent toner application and blow-dry.

Do not book this appointment if it has been longer than 5 weeks since your last bleach service. We want to provide you with the best service and for that, we'll need the appropriate amount of time. If you have more than 5 weeks of regrowth, please book 'Blondes Bleach Retouch for 6 to 10 weeks growth'.

If you want to get a fashion shade (including pastels) over the top of your newly blonde hair, you can find this service under "blondes bleach retouch with fashion shade toner". Again, having ample time is EVERYTHING. We want to get you out of here g-l-o-w-i-n-g, honey!