Hey Portland. Deanna here. I need to do a little State of the Union address for all y'all here. Here goes: Being a business owner is hard. This week I have been given the task of figuring out what to do to try and protect my staff during this outbreak. I am fully aware that any choice I make will be scrutinized and hindsight biased in the coming months, but that's okay, because we live in a society and every decision should be looked at and questioned. 

This week I have had to lay off four of my employees, and i've furloughed myself and Darren, (because let's be serious this place would burn to the ground without him). I am mostly confident at this point, but am going to take it day by day. I have also come to the conclusion that COBRA is not a realistic option for unemployment income'd adults, and because of that, Ginger Salon will be staying open for the foreseeable future, in order to continue paying the insurance overhead of our laid off coworkers, as well as our current employees. 

I want to take this time to call on all of you to reach out to your state and local representatives, to urge for Medicare for all or literally ANY other idea to protect all of us and not just the ones that get to keep their benefits while they work from home. We have been blessed with perfect locations to have very minimal contact with the community. Our styling chairs only run 2 per location (3 at northwest but, lets be real, that place is a warehouse). We do not have assistants or a front desk to add to our numbers, and each stylist only sees a maximum of 5 clients per day. 

Our licensure already forces us to use tuberculocidal level cleansers for all non porous surfaces, to wash hands between each client, to clean all surfaces in between clients, and to overall stop the spread of any kind of germ that would infect the community. As far as germs, we have always protected our community and will continue to do so. I have instructed my staff to consult at a distance, and extend head massages to try and relieve stress during this time. 

This is what I've got. I've made the decision to stay open fully aware of my own personal Gen. X/Portland/pirate/dumpster diver/Banks Oregon filter of head down and work through all problems. I promise you all that these decisions are hard for me. I got this, Portland. We got this. We got you,