Your tired scalps are in for a TREATment beyond compare, y'all. There’s a new scalp treatment in town, and she’s fabulous! How are we so sure? WE MADE IT! Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands, you know? The naming was easy: Fabulous Scalp Sh*% (or FSS if there are kids in the room). Because there’s no need to mince words. It is what it is. And maybe you know and love her older sister? Fabulous Hair Sh&$.


FSS is the most nourishing scalp treatment performed in the salon (just a quick 30 min add on!) - created to repair and nourish the scalp, setting the stage for shiny, healthy, and happy hair. 


So what did Deanna Everson, salon owner and master mixologist of the FSS, choose to put in the treatment of all treatments? All the besties that are the sh*$ in the world of restorative hair health - that’s for sure.  



ACV organic: has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that prevents all bacterial,fungal and viral activities on your scalp


Cetrimonium chloride: conditioning and anti static agent that causes no build up


Baobab protein: moisturizes and soothes the scalp, strengthens hair


Argan oil: stabilizes the flora on the scalp by killing off excess bacteria


Albizia flower extract:is an anti irritant and provides soothing effects on the skin


Glycerin:offers relief from itchy scalp and psoriasis


Lavender essence water: has antiseptic properties that aid in calming dry, itchy scalp


Aloe vera pure juice: promotes the regular growth of healthy hair


Macadamia nut oil:promotes the production of natural sebum, which treats dry scalp


Artichoke leaf extract: preserves hair cuticle scales


Honeysuckle blend: natural preservative


Oh! And stay tuned for the take-home version of FSS, hitting the salons later this year! We will be sure to tell you when it hits the Ginger salon shop.