As you may know, or if you don't know, every month our very own, Queen Molly the first, AKA community liaison at Ginger, chooses a nonprofit organization to donate to. This month, Molly chose Foster Closet because their mission is fabulous, their execution is fabulous, and we want all babies to grow up to be fabulous queens.

They're a fully non-profit, donation-based organization that supplies children with clothing and items that encourage each kiddo to live the most comfortable life as possible. 

Did you overbuy for your first kid? Have you managed to somehow keep some things in mint condition? Are you drowning in baby care items you don't actually need? We can guide you to the right place.  

In order to fulfill their commitment to helping children live normal lives, Foster Closet accepts new or gently used clothing, baby furniture, NEW toys, baby gear, strollers, NEW car seats, diapers, formula, etc. So before you throw something out, or hoard it in your garage, refer back to this text. 

There are a lot of babies out there who can use these things. In fact, there are roughly 8,000 children in foster care in Oregon alone. So focus up and stop keeping shit you don't need.

Two of Gingers very own dominating-ass women come from the system, so coming from a compassionate place, it's incredibly important to make these kids feel important and cared about. 

This month, we've contributed $500 to the organization. We encourage you to do your part! Visit for donation specifications and volunteer possibilities!