Because we are all about being fierce changemakers at Ginger, we are donating $1,000 a month to charities we aggressively appreciate for the work they do to uplift, light up, and elevate this collective human experience. This month, we shine our light and proudly hand over our dolla dolla bills to Rose Haven.

Did you know that Oregon has the second highest rate of unsheltered homeless people in the country? Rose Haven, the only day shelter and community center in Multnomah County that supports women, children and marginalized genders, has a mission to provide resources, emotional support and community connections to our local homeless population. 

Rose Haven provides many services for those in need, which include: a shop that provides donated clothing and supplies free of charge, wellness classes, health workers and student nurses who are available during clinic hours, phone, email and mail services, showers, and many support services for children.

To join us in supporting Rose Haven, click here