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Tell us you are wearing an oversized, cozy sweater right now. With your latte in one hand and your vintage book in the other, tell us you are feeling all the fall feels as those golden leaves gather at your feet. 


Because we are - in our own special ways. Ever wonder how your favorite Ginger stylists and staff are keeping hygge-chic this time of year? This is how…


"I love making the whole house spooky for Halloween way too early in September and baking everything I can think of with pumpkin!" - Dana


"I have a tradition of going to Trader Joe’s and getting all the “Fall/Pumpkin” items i can, as well as going to a pumpkin patch and walking in all the corn mazes!!" -Reegan


"I looove love love fall now because of all the changing in colors outside - as opposed to nasty brown rain and snow for 5 months in Alaska. I live right behind the Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery, and my favorite walking place is the cemetery -especially when it starts to become spooky season!" -Paige 


"One of my favorite things to do during cooler weather is cooking some warm hearty foods and delicious soups with grilled cheeses. I LOVE getting snuggly under a big fluffy blanket and drinking hot chocolate with Baileys. And I wish people would keep Christmas lights up all year. It’s just so magical!" -Lauren


"I have a very extensive sweater collection and love that I get to start wearing them all again. I'm absolutely obsessed with spooky season and all the movie nights with big blankets, popcorn, and pumpkin beer from Trader Joe's that go along with it (I have watched Hocus Pocus like 6 times this year already, and I watch horror movies all year round). I'm also so excited to get hot cider at the pumpkin patch. We also love roasting pumpkin seeds and trying out different sweet and savory combos!" -May



image credit: Stylist Paige Cassell