Because we care about the impact our actions have on this planet, Ginger Salon is partnering with Green Circle Salons, the world’s first, and North America’s only, sustainable salon solution for recovering and repurposing salon waste. We proudly recycle and recover up to 95% of our waste - while actively mobilizing our industry to have a positive impact on our environment.  


The amount of waste this industry typically creates is mind-blowing - like 877 pounds of waste every single minute - type of mind-blowing. From hair clippings, hair color, foils, and color tubes, to plastics and paper, millions of pounds of waste end up in our landfills each year. 


We refuse to contribute to those numbers. Believe us when we say that the waste produced by your next glow up will be handled with intention and care.  


When we take off three inches to make your head of hair look and feel healthy again, you’re contributing to sustainable bio plastics and hair booms used for oil spill cleanups.  Foils and tubes are cleaned and used for commercial use, such as bikes. When you go from blonde to brunette, your color waste is turned into clean water and becomes part of the local power grid. 


It’s about doing our part. Feeling your best and looking fine while doing it? That just comes with the package.