Hey- can you pass the unicorn pool float?


If being in the sun and pool is on repeat in your paper planner this summer, we’ve got some hot tips to keep those gorgeous locks of yours happy, healthy and full of shine and body - comin’ at ya from Ginger’s own, Stephanie Grelle. 


  1. Color despises chlorine, so the best options are a cute sun hat or a top knot. 


  1. When I have my hair in the sun, I use a leave-in conditioner to protect it (like Kevin Murphy Staying Alive) because it has UVA and UBA protection. Color tends to fade when exposed to the elements, so this is a great option if you go sans hat. 


  1. If you plan on dunking your head in the pool, wet your hair before and put a light weight conditioner on it (Angel Rinse would work- or spray a ton of leave in conditioner). This helps fill the holes, so it is harder for chlorine to soak into the hair. 


  1. When done swimming, immediately wash and condition with your favorite Kevin Murphy shampoo and rinse. I tend to use a more moisturizing rinse when it’s summer time, my favorite is KM Hydrate.Me Rinse rinse, because it is super moisturizing while not weighing the hair down (which makes it great for all hair types).


It should be said, that these tips works the same for non-color-treated hair. Just like we wear SPF on our skin, our hair needs protection!