So you’re thinking of getting extensions to add a little oomph to those locks. Maybe they’re too thin for your liking or you have a hard time growing them out. Perhaps you have a big event coming up or have simply been longing to try the full-on Rachel Green. Whatever your reasoning, we know you want it to look natural, beautiful … dare we say epic?

It all starts with color. Choose the wrong shade for your extensions, and you might as well tattoo "NOT MY REAL HAIR" right on your forehead. On the other hand, if you select the right hue, your [insert appropriate deity]-given hair will match your add-ons with aesthetic aplomb. Here’s how it’s done.

Check Your Hair’s Color in Natural Light

In a dim room or under bright fluorescents, your hair will typically show up a dull monotone color. Step into the sunlight, though, and your hair will glimmer with a seeming rainbow of shades. It’s important you match your extensions to that whole rainbow. If your hair is black, for instance, you need to know whether it flashes brown or blue in sunlight, otherwise your extensions and natural hair will jar.

Jazz It Up

If you want to up the creativity factor, consider choosing a different color for your extensions. Layering longer strands of another color (say, pink or purple) under your shorter natural hair will create an ombre effect, which your stylist can help blend for you. Or you can match your new extensions highlight for highlight.

Get Help from a Pro

Oh, did we mention we have some epic extension pros on staff? Stylists Colette, Brooke and Jasmine do extensions here at the salon, using the gorgeous, USA-made products from Hotheads. If you’re ready to dive headfirst into aforementioned epic-ness, please give us a call to set up a consultation today.