Updated March 2020: Hay Daycare is no longer being offered at Ginger Salon.

Original Post:

A salon that provides childcare? Yeah, we did that. 

Listen, 40% of Ginger’s stylists are parents (okay, 4% may or may not be pet parents), so we get the whole, “where the f*** am I supposed to put my kids during my appointment!?”. 

The concept of Hair Daycare was born when a client came in after they were shunned from their local salon because the employees claimed their kid was “ruining the salon’s vibe”. Yeah, really.

Hair Day Care Kitty.jpg

As any parent would, the client took offense and ditched that place for good. We know what you’re thinking, “but what about the vibes?”. And to that we say, one day when you have kids you’ll realize this: your kids > the vibes.

Once Ginger salon owner, Deanna, caught wind of this, she did as Deanna does- threw a fit of rage followed by creating a concrete solution. The solution? Hair Daycare.

Hair Daycare is held on the last Monday of every month from 10 am to 2 pm at our NW location. Our mission is to provide parents with a space to get in some self-care time while (here’s the best part) not having to worry about childcare. We have an onsite, CPR and FirstAid certified sitter in attendance during your appointment. Fancy, isn’t it?

Mia Hair Day Care

All parents, kids, and vibes welcome! We don’t discriminate. In fact, Ginger families support Portland families and that’s THE TEA.