Oh, I’m sorry. Is this the summer of 2020?! Smoke, germs - ICK! We want NONE of it, right? But because we can’t always get what we want, and we are all about taking action to make our environment the best we can under the circumstances, it’s time we remind you that the air you breathe in Ginger Salon is SCRUBBED. Like high-tech, hospital-grade, astronaut-science-level clean.


Let us explain. 


We’ve installed AIR SCRUBBERS in all four Ginger locations! No, these aren’t people mopping the open air for the sake of it. It’s much more efficient than that. 


Our new systems use a patented technology referred to as ActivePure. Using light waves and a catalytic process that creates "scrubbing molecules" of oxygen and hydrogen, it pushes these molecules into the air where they then bind with and  Yes! We are here for the ridding of all of that. Right? 


Not only does it clean the air, but it also works at sanitizing the surfaces within our space -  adding another layer of security and protection to ensure all is well by way of the air we breathe and the surfaces we touch. 


Shout out to Betsy, owner of Harper Construction and Renovation, LLC  and the boss in charge of the construction and installation of this massive undertaking.  


We are so aware that beyond trusting us with your signature look and deepest secrets, stepping into the salon these days means you are putting your trust in us to provide a safe and healthy environment while the magic happens. And so it is. Breathe in. Breathe out.