Curly hair friends, we love that you love your curls when you get home from your Ginger outing! But you want the look all the time, and we hear you. We’ve asked Brittany, one of Ginger’s expert stylists, to pull back the curtain and let you in on the magic sauce for achieving salon level, bouncy curls at home.


1 . Start off by soaking wet curls. 

2. Flip your head over and shake the curls out while squeezing the product into the hair. Choose a product that is super moisturizing with a bit of hold.

3. Squeeze excess moisture out with a towel. 

4. Flip your head over and diffuse - starting with the roots and then moving on to the ends. 

5. Shake out your hair, do your best head bang, and loosen up the roots with your finger tips . Pro tip: Never run hands through hair while dry! 

6.Add a little oil or spray for shine. 

7. BOOM! Curly.