67B1DCFD-229E-40F1-BA00-0B514FE2CFF4 (1).jpgYou may have already sat down with my sister, Balayage. If you haven't, go give her a skim.

She was really adamant about expressing our differences (maybe she feels like she has to compensate for her old age. She calls herself vintage.), so I thought, "why not just share a little bit about MYself too!".

For starters, you'll notice by my name that I require foils. I love them because they keep your hair all warm and toasty for a proper lift! What does that mean? It means that the heat created in my foils allows me to take you to that true natural blonde look you're craving- think chocolate root melting into salted caramel ice cream goodness. An Instagram dream.

The end result is easy and soft, with a grow-out that is natural and seamless. *snaps in z-formation*

Oh! And thanks to my versatile nature, I can also work with open-air foils and pieces of cotton to nail that desired look. Your stylist will use their best judgment when deciding which tool to use. TRUST THEM.

Foilage custom color does NOT include a root retouch. If you would like a root retouch with your service please call the salon to book. Service includes a blow-dry.