Transformational Haircut

There are haircuts, and there are TRANS-FOR-MA-TION-AL haircuts. 

We’re talking about the kind of new look that gives cause for your cat or BFF (maybe they’re one in the same - we get that, and we love that about you)  to do a double take. And when big change comes at the hands of our professionally trained stylists, you can sit back in that salon chair with expectations of contented amazement. 

This service allows for an extended consultation to ensure ample time for the magic to happen. 

If you are bringing extra luscious, long, thick locks to the chair, give us a ring (and feel free to toot your own horn). More tea will be served, and more time will be added to your appointment. 

Pricing varies by stylist. Check out each bio for individual pricing. 

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Haircut and scalp treatment

Who are we kidding? We all know the best part of coming to the salon is the insane relaxation we feel as our precious scalps get the attention they deserve but rarely receive. And nobody shows scalp love like a Ginger. 

This service begins with a design consultation. Then the moment you’ve been waiting for: 10 “OMG. This is f*&%king amazing!”  minutes of rejuvenating exfoliation with a scalp massaging exfoliator treatment brush. The scalp treatment is based on your individual scalp needs. See! This is the kind of love we’re talking about! 

A shampoo, haircut, and blow-dry complete the service. Heads up: Color treatments cannot happen in tandem with the scalp treatment. You’ll want to wait a week before or after the scalp treatment to get your color on.  

Pricing varies by stylist. Check out each bio for individual pricing. 


Haircut with Conditioning + Strengthening Treatment

You’re a strong badass.  That’s unquestionable. But what about your tresses? If it’s time to condition and strengthen your lovely head of hair, book this service stat.

You’ll get a fresh haircut along with a deeply hydrating and strengthening ritual at the shampoo bowl : TREAT.ME by Kevin Murphy. The end result? Strength on the inside and out. 

Pricing varies by stylist. Check out each bio for individual pricing.



It’s time for a haircut, boss. Whether your pixie has grown out - or your long style has outdone itself -this service leaves you loving your look and adds an extra bit of feeling yo-self in your step.

Beginning with a consultation, we’ll clarify the look you’re going for. Is it more Gaga or Grande? Unexpected or comfortable? Our stylists will listen and discuss - doling out advice only when asked (Aunt Clara should take note). Then it’s to the shampoo bowl you go for a relaxing shampoo and scalp massage. 

A haircut by our professionally trained stylists - with killer skills and unabashed passion for their art - follows. The experience ends with a blow-dry - before we send you on your merry way to conquer your world.

Looking for just a quick bang trim? No problem. We can so do that. Give the salon a ring at (971) 267- 4080. 

Pricing varies by stylist ($63 - $105, depending). Check out each bio for individual pricing. 

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Clipper Cut

A clippers only experience for those times when... only clippers are needed. We like to keep it simple when we can around here. 

If you’re needing anything else, go ahead and go the haircut route. If you just aren’t sure what your vision calls for, give us a ring. We are more than happy to help.

Pricing varies by stylist. Check out each bio for individual pricing. 

Kiddie Cut

The littles need their hairs cut, too! Showcasing our Paw Patrol knowledge is no extra fee. Just feed us lines if we stumble. Will ya?  

We work quickly on dry hair to get them in, cleaned up, and back out playing in the mud in no time. Let the kids be kids. And by kids, we mean 11 and under.