Friends! We have another new talent at Ginger that you’ve just got to meet! Meet Molly, our latest new lead stylist ready to doll you up. 


G: Welcome, Molly! Tell us about yourself...

M:  I grew up in Oakland, California and have spent my career doing hair in Berkeley and San Francisco.  I'm new to Portland, but it already feels like home!  I have two cats and lots of dead plant babies.  I'm a total  goofball and really just want everyone to laugh with me. My favorite food is pickles and nachos.  Separately of course.


G: What is one of your favorite haircut happy ending stories you witnessed with a client?

M:   One of my fondest memories is chopping off all of my moms hair in beauty school.  She had been coloring her hair foreeeeeeverrrrrrr and was ready to ditch the sauce--aka hair dye.  I was SO nervous.  I had probably done five haircuts ever, and I think at one point I even took a break to panic in the bathroom while my instructor wasn't paying attention.  The haircut turned out adorable, and I felt like such a badass real-deal hairdresser.  My mom kept her hair short like that for years.


G: What can we find you up to when not crafting fabulous looks in the salon?

M: I love to make stuff!  Over the last year I have gotten really into beading.  I love working with my hands, so anything messy and tedious is my jam.  Except pumpkin carving...I just can't.  I like to hike- ESPECIALLY in the mud.  I'm into anything Marvel or superhero. 


G: When did you know you wanted to be a hairstylist?

M: I think always.  I would cut all my Barbie's hair as a kid, then move on to my own head when there was nothing left.  In sixth grade, I dipped my signature blonde pigtails in pink kool aid and never looked back.  I have also just always loved salons.  I love the vibe, I love the smell, I love the idea of people walking out looking totally brand new. 


G: Humble brag time. Tell us why your clients are lucky to be in your chair. 

M: I genuinely just want my clients to love their hair.  If they are happy, I am happy. 


G: Favorite lyrics that always make you feel like you're on top of the world: 

M: Survivor by Destiny's child.  I was 9 when this song came out, so I'm not sure how relatable ANY of the lyrics were, but I could listen to it a million times and still wanna dance.