Portland! We have created a new service for you, it is LIVE now! 

Introducing Ginger Snaps: a 45-minute virtual how-to tutorial and self care session with your favorite stylist.

Stuck at home? Can't get out? Drinking wine and thinking that cutting your own bangs is a good idea? Don't worry, this service is for you! We will bring the Ginger Fabulousness magic to you via Skype or Facetime with professional eyes!

Have you ever dreamed about having your own custom YouTube tutorial made for you? Want help trimming bangs and perfecting that fabulous curl? Miss your stylist and need a laugh and wanna make fun of your cats with them?

Book this appointment, and your stylist will contact you live via an online platform for you both to meet and have a 45 minute consult! Payment will take place over the phone at the end of your appointment.

Service includes Virtual Hair Design Consultation, but awesome jokes included at no extra charge.

Book your consultation today!