Here at Ginger, we aim to use our platform to speak up about what we believe in; about social causes that we are passionate about. This month we've chosen to help our friends at Odd Man Inn gain some exposure- they're doing some pretty amazing work and we want you all to acknowledge their impact.

Odd Man Inn is an animal refuge and adoption center located in Washougal, Washington, a space for abandoned, abused or shelterless farm animals to live, thrive, and flourish.

We met with Ginger's community liaison, Molly Sadowski, and asked her everything we need to know about Odd Man Inn, as well as everything we should know- and anything else we'll want to know. 

Hi Molls, thanks for meeting with us. Let's talk about why you chose to donate to Odd Man Inn this month, you ready?

Yes, I'm ready. Oh- and hi. 

I chose Odd Man Inn because I just love everything about this organization- what they stand for and how they use their platform to create a voice for animals who otherwise would be left neglected. Oh, and they're funny and genuine, and not cheesy (if you're not following them on Instagram you're missing out on some funny shit).

Coco Channel, 1 of 2 of my pigs was adopted from OMI. All of my pets are rescued- Jack Mcfarland, Coco Channel (my pigs) and Bruno Mars and CC Bloom (my cats). As an adopted kid myself, I resonate with those in need of a loving living environment. 

That's sweet Molly. Seems like you're really passionate about second chances and helping those in need. Do you know how OMI got started; what's their back story?

Oh yeah. Back in 2013, Wendy and Josh adopted their dog, Roswell from a no-kill shelter. After a couple of years of training and attempting to manage his fear-based aggression, professionals suggested euthanasia. They said "nope" and decided to purchase some property and provide him with a comfortable environment. Since they had space, the family grew. They started taking in "discarded" (sad, I know) farm animals. In 2015, they buckled down and became a certified refuge and adoption center once they realized that the animals just kept coming. 

Their family has grown from little Roswell to Charlie Duck (who thinks he's a pig) to Mister and Mister McGillucuddies, who protect their nest like no other (and so many more)!

Wow, that's really bold. Not everyone can handle managing a farm animal sanctuary. What can people in the community do to help? 

Well, obviously adopting is always a great option. To see if you meet OMI's requirements, you can find some more information about adoption here

Secondly and probably most accessible for most, you can always volunteer. Duties at the farm range, so I'd suggest you visit the website for updates. 

You can also donate to the farm, become a patreon (like myself!), or contribute to their Amazon Wishlist. There are many options!

Thanks, Molly that's really helpful. Is there anything else you want to say before we wrap up?

Yes! Next month (October 12), Ginger will be sponsoring their biggest fundraiser of the year, Sasquash Art Festival! Entry cost is one squash, so everyone should totally go. Just one squash! 


There it is, everything there is to know about Odd Man Inn. Support your local farm friends whether that be with your time, compassion, or even in monetary value.