As you may or may not have already heard, we are now offering perm services at Ginger Salon! Now, worry not. This is NOT your granny’s perm. It’s more like your hot cousin’s who moved to Santorini to fulfill their dreams of becoming a beach model. Close your eyes and picture it.

Controllable with flexible rods, the American Wave service offers a full range of textures- that means virtually any era of SJP’s wig journey.


Now for the serious stuff. We promise that you will own that perm, and she will not own you. In order to fulfill that promise, prior to booking the service we require that you come in for a consultation with our Perm Master, Molly. Why? Well, what if your hair is overprocessed? Or too short? She’ll need to know your hairstory. We won’t let you fly out to Santorini with a bad perm, WE WON’T DO IT!

After you and Molly talk technicalities, you’re set to go! Or not go- Molly bears full authority to deny services as she feels necessary. 

Perm package includes a cut, BondPro+, and a Malibu treatment for ultimate nourishment and hydration through the process- all included in the service price starting at $350.00.


Questions? Schedule your consultation with Molly by calling the salon at (971) 267- 4080!

Perm on, babes!