Let’s keep our damage where it belongs — inside of our heads! (We kid, we kid.)

Hair damage is inevitable and pretty much irreversible; this is why routine trims are essential to maintaining a healthy hairstyle. That said, conditioning treatments can minimize the appearance of damage by sealing and soothing the cuticle (outermost layer of hair). Regular use of fantastic products like Kevin Murphy Leave-In.Repair can extend the time needed between trims, keep hair looking shiny and healthy, and preserve length, if that is your goal.

The biggest grievance we have with products designed for damaged hair is, by far, the grease factor — what you win in smoothness and elasticity, you lose in the form of a slick, heavy, greasy feeling. Call us demanding, but we don’t think that’s a fair exchange. So, let us tell you more about Leave-In.Repair. Here’s why we love it:


  1. It’s restorative. Using it on clients makes us feel downright wizardly; instead of just blowdrying someone’s hair, we are actually helping a problem. Leave-In.Repair attends to damage where it is most needed, replenishing damaged hair and improving elasticity to reduce breakage.

  2. It’s smooooth. It really seals down the cuticle, makes blowdrying softer, and creates a smoother end result. Like anyone else, we love instant gratification, and we see visible improvement in texture right away.

  3. It’s weightless. What sets this apart from the repairing treatment crowd is that it truly is weightless. Many repairing oils, such as argan oil, while healthy for the hair, can leave hair a little greasy, where Leave-In.Repair disappears into the style. At no point does it feel thick or heavy.

  4. It smells like a tall, frosty umbrella drink, thanks to a bouquet of botanical ingredients. Of course, this is just the papaya icing on the rose geranium cake, but we love products that give us as many reasons to look forward to using them as possible.

  5. It eliminates frizz and static. Leave-In.Repair is especially helpful in the cold winter months; ditto for anyone who uses heat styling tools. It adds moisture and keeps away static and frizz, making hair as manageable as it is smooth.

So, what’s in this stuff? Hydrolized keratin and hydrolized green pea protein to promote hair strength, jojoba seed oil to moisturize and soothe, bamboo leaf extract to add shine and luster, papaya enzymes to boost the potency of other ingredients, and rose geranium for antioxidant benefits. No parabens or sulphates, because everyone knows they’re the lamest.

We’d recommend Leave-In.Repair to any client who doesn't like product or needs just a bit of help with flyaways; it’s also an excellent ally for anyone who has damaged hair and wants to help save length. Here’s what you do with it, wildcats: After towel-drying hair, emulsify a quarter-sized amount in your hands and milk through the mid-shaft and ends. Air dry or blow dry, and get on your way.

Stop by the salon to stock up on Leave-In.Repair and other fantastic Kevin Murphy products. Looking good!