All month long you've been hearing about Kevin Murphy's Shimmer Shine and Goldwell's Color Lock, but the month isn't over yet so we've granted ourselves with the freedom to continue to go on and on about it. We're diving a little deeper into these summer essentials, so focus up. 


What is Shimmer Shine?

Think of Shimmer Shine as a finishing spray or a refreshing pick-me-up. It's great as a part of your daily, morning hair regime or for a mid-day touch up. This shimmery mist offers lightweight, brilliant hydration! 


What's so great about Shimmer Shine?

Shimmer Shine is infused with Australian Fruit Extracts that help nourish and transform dull, lifeless color to its full potential. It's suitable for all hair types (yes, even the darker tones), so if you have hair, Shimmer Shine is just right for you!


How do I use Shimmer Shine?

First things first, twirl the bottle before using. You want the shimmer to distribute evenly throughout before applying. 

Next, you'll want to towel dry your hair. Then, go ahead and spray to your liking- shimmer up!

*You may find that spraying at arms distance allows for hitting a larger surface area without leaving it too concentrated in one area. 


Color Lock by Goldwell 


What's all this Color Lock talk about?

You know that feeling of an unexpectedly sunny day in the dead of winter? You didn't know how badly you needed some sun exposure until the sun peaks out. That's the sort of feeling Color Lock will bring you. 

Color Lock is a leave-in serum that lathers into towel-dried hair after shampooing. She protects your hair from fading, lack of luster, and all the tragedies that the summertime may bring to your color-maintenance regime.


My hair tends to get oily pretty quick, is using Color Lock serum still a good idea?

First of all, don't let the word "serum" draw you away from this gratifying product. While Color Lock does provide a healthy shine, its focus is on locking in the hair's pigmentation post coloring session. The serum is really liquidy (and not oily at all), which allows for it to vastly spread into the hair.  


Which Color Lock products do you carry and how are they different from one another?


Color and Color Extra Rich have UVA/UVB protection and reflection so that means SHINIER

HAIR! The two are equally as effective, the only difference being that Extra Rich is designed for

a thicker, more coarse texture.

Tiny but mighty, these gems increase durability up to 22 washes after a color


Smooth combats humidity and unruly hair for up to one-week post-treatment!


There you have it, everything you need to know in a nutshell. Shimmer Shine is available for

purchase in-salon or online under the products tab. Ask your stylist about the Color Lock

product that is most suitable for you after your coloring session.


Next month, we'll be blasting a new product and treatment but that doesn't mean you have to

entirely neglect these queens. They have been so good to you and will continue to be as long

as you give them the love they deserve.