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At Ginger, we recognize the importance of the intentional affirmation of one’s gender identity. Pronouns Matter. 


What is a pronoun?

Throwing it back to elementary grammar class for the  purpose of the greater good! A pronoun is a word used to describe either the person who is talking or the people being talked about in the third person. 


Why do pronouns matter?

Because some pronouns are gendered (he/she), it’s important that we are intentional with how we use them to ensure inclusivity and to actively show respect for how one identifies. The experience of being misgendered - having someone use the incorrect pronoun to refer to you- can be uncomfortable and hurtful. Routinely asking and providing pronouns helps everyone avoid assumptions and feel comfortable interacting. Before you know it, acknowledging pronouns is a totally normal part of your social experience.


Pronoun Etiquette Tips:

  1. Create opportunities for people to share their pronouns. “Hi, I’m Deanna. I go by she/her. Great to meet you!”

  2. If you don’t know someone’s pronoun, feel free to ask. “What pronouns do you use?”

  3. Always use someone’s chosen pronouns (unless you’ve been asked not to for a specific reason). 

  4. If you make a mistake, apologize and move on. We are all human and trying our best. You can also help others around you by gently correcting them if you notice they have misgendered someone.