Bang Trim

If you’re watering your pothos and can’t see when to stop because your bangs are cascading in front of your eyes with a surprising level of aggression, making the most mother-earth-natural task seemingly impossible while interfering with the good vibe reciprocity that should be going on in the moment, the time is yesterday for a bang trim from one of our plant-loving, hair-loving, people-loving stylists.

Protip: If you book your next haircut at the end of your appointment, your bang trim is on us! Cheers! 

Root Retouch

There are some things in life you can just count on. Beyonce will make you get up and dance with heroic power and newly found rhythm, your child will ask for a snack after he brushes his teeth at night, you’ll spill spaghetti sauce on your simple white T paired with distressed denim. 

And, like clockwork at the eight week mark, your roots will make their triumphant return. 

Book this session for a color  root retouch. And yes, we will also happily get down to Beyonce with you. Obviously. 

Base Break

Everyone likes a smooth transition. Abrupt switcheroos can be so unnerving and makes us feel out of step. Like that time in marching band... 

Same, same for highlighted hair. A little smudge will do to hide your highlight grow-out. Blending the roots into your highlights so the contrast isn’t too stark, a base break is a sweet little touchup that’ll update your look - so that all is in harmonious flow.