Don't mind us — we'll just be over here, snatching up the coolest, hardest working, most talented hairstylists in the biz. Reegan Priest is one of the newest members of our team at Ginger, and by way of introduction, we asked her a few questions. We love her, and we think you will too, if you don't already! 


When did you join the team at Ginger?

I joined The Ginger team in October 2016, starting in their apprentice program for 14 weeks and then moving to New Talent in late January. 

How long have you been in the industry?
I graduated Aveda Institute Portland back in June 2016! So, just under a year out in the actual industry.

What do you love about this career, from big-picture stuff to everyday stuff?

Big picture: I love that I get the chance to affect the way someone sees themselves. In our world today, people want instant change: Lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks or change careers overnight, etc. That's not actually realistic — but it is realistic for me to make you a fabulous copper red, or a fierce blonde in 2 hours!

Day-to-day: Connecting with my clients. Being able to create a space where they can relax from the hustle and bustle of their lives, drink a glass of wine, and take the first deep breath of the day: That kinda rocks! 

What is your favorite hair trend? What needs to go away? What should come back?

Love: BANGS! I love a good, classic, straight-across, Zooey Deschanel bang. Yes please.

Hate: Grey hair. Don't get me wrong; I love the natural stuff, but that all-over-bleached-turned-grey needs to leave for good!

Do you have a specific area of expertise, or any challenges you particularly enjoy?
I LOVE curly girls! They are so unique, and it's challenging in all the right ways. The master stylist I trained with has curly hair, and getting to see how different each curl pattern was and is on our clients, and the best way to approach them, makes me want to master it all.

What's your go-to KEVIN.MURPHY product?

Give me alllll of the DOO.OVER imaginable. It's a texturizing spray, and gives just the right amount of life to your crown — plus, you can load it in there and your hair doesn't freak! 

Most importantly, describe yourself in a GIF, any GIF.


Lastly, what's your schedule and what's the best way to book an appointment with you? 

I work: 

Saturday @SE 3pm-10pm
Sundays @SE 8am- 3pm
Monday @SE 3pm-10pm
Tuesdays @NW 8am-3pm 

... with a pick-up shift Wednesday, Thursday or Friday!