GingerNewsletterMayProductImageCollage.jpgWho is ready to kick off summer this weekend? We are! And while we’re making our summer stock up list - and checking it twice - let’s not forget these luscious locks of ours. UmmmmK? 


Ginger’s own Reegan Priest gives us the rundown on her top three summer hair products that will keep your hair looking soft, healthy and gorge - no matter how much sand and surf you throw at it. 


  1. Fresh Hair  “Bein a fine hairs gal myself, summer means my hair routine changes a lot, but something I always will stay loyal to is FREAH HAIR! It absorbs my natural oils like a dream AND deodorizes like a dream! Which means when I’m going from river days to margarita nights, I don’t take that river feel with me!” 


  1. Maxi Wash “Sometimes I just need a good clean feeling. Maxi Wash, if left on for at least five plus minutes, gets all that build up and fluff off my scalp - and brings me back to a fresh clean look!”


  1. Touchable “The perfect AirDry is something I strive to achieve all summer, and though it’s not always obtained, touchable helps create that piece feel that’s always on my mind!”


Veggie dogs and gluten free buns? Check. 

Margarita mix and functioning blender? Check. 

Unicorn pool float? Check. 

Summer hair products? Check.