Are you starting to feel all the summer feels? Just picture it. Margarita in hand. Poolside in your neon while the sunshine fills your pores with Vitamin D. The Biebs serenading you with lyrics about summer fruits - while you try to decipher his trendy references.  


It’s so close, people! To prepare you properly for the summer fun to come, we asked the all-knowing Ginger Stylists, Lauren and May, to give us their read on summer hair trends. 


1. Zoom Hair Is STILL Having Its Moment 

“Lots of soft face framing layers and curtain bangs. With bright pops around the face.” -Lauren 


2. Going Blonde

 “ I have a lot of clients who are definitely ready to be blonder for the summer and I LOVE it! Still an easy grow out but just feeling all over blonder and brighter!” - Lauren 


3. Copper or Red Hair 

“I've had so many requests for copper hair, whether it is an all over copper color, or subtle balayage copper highlights. I feel like warm hair is definitely making a big comeback.”  -May


4. Curtain Bangs and Bangs 

“I've had a lot of people taking the plunge into bangs! Curtain bangs are always in, but I feel like they have been super highly requested as people are looking to try something new that feels intentional, but easy to style. I've have a lot of curtain bangs with bobs and lobs!” - May



Photo Credit: Emily Horak for Ginger Salon