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We see you eyeing that cozy sweater and checking the Starbies menu for a sign that fall splendor is around the corner. Oh, trust us.  We are right there with you. Cool, fresh air and falling leaves is the dreamy escape we could use right now. 


So what can we expect this fall by way of hair trends? Nicki Hogue, Ginger’s own Master Stylist and Educational Director, schools us on what you may be asking for when you venture into Ginger this fall. 


(We’ll take a venti Pumpkin Spice while you’re at it. Thanks.) 



I predict that the 2021 fall styles will lean more into fallbrès, which is a melted ombre of a lot of caramels and spice.  Of course the classic lob will be making a popular appearance, and I’m gonna even go further to say a lob with no fringe! 


When the sun starts coming out around May, people tend go more blonde - a lot more of a ‘sun kissed’ colorway, which helps to brighten not only our hair- but the spirits of those of us that live in the PNW in hopes for returning sun! As summer starts to fade away, and the colors start to change, that’s when the urge to chop the locks and make the color a bit moodier comes over us. 


The service to achieve this coveted fall Caramel Spice Melted Lob would be a Foilage and haircut.  Sounds like a delicious Latte!  


Shifting our color for the seasons can sometimes shock our hair, which typically brings with it a bit of damage. We need to make sure that we are caring for our hair and scalp to prevent damage during services that switch us between seasons. I’m talking masks, treatments, and color safe shampoo & rinses! And most definitely taking home any advice or product that will keep your hair and color healthy and vibrant. 


If you’re thinking of making a bit of a change, make sure to let your stylist know in advance by requesting a virtual consult before your appointment. This way the stylist can arrange the correct amount of time for a big seasonal change! - Nicki 

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* Photo credit and Ginger stylist responsible for these fall looks: Stephanie Grelle. Up top: Client Kristen debuts her fall balayage (no bleach) and haircut. Down low: Client Isabel rocks her fall foiliage and cut.