What is Balayage? We get this question ALL of the time. So often that we decided that we've HAD IT and the only way to really clear this up is by bringing her in to speak for herself.

Ginger: Please welcome, Ms. True Balayage:

T. Balayage: Thank you, girls.

T. Balayage: It is I, True Balayage, born in France (oh yes, I'm so fancy) as a method of the Hair Coloring family. I like to think of myself as the most well-known of us all. I mean, have you been on Instagram... Pinterest?

Ginger: Haha, yeah we're definitely familiar. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Let's talk about the function of your method.

T. Balayage: Oh, right. This is what I can do for you hun- I'll start off by painting highlights onto your hair. The highlights will lift 1 to 2 levels of your hair color. My M.O. is not drastic or transformative. Think sunkissed; beach babe; SoCal for two weeks. The results will be easy and soft, making the grow-out process a natural and seamless. Oh, darling, you're so welcome.

T. Balayage: And let me just say one more thing and be sure not to forget- I do NOT require any foils. Yeah, WHOA is right. Whenever you see what you think is a Balayage with foils, that's my sister, Foiliage- she's cute but she isn't me. Remember that- she isn't me.

E8DCA0E7-6306-4644-9058-0EEFBED4CBD0 (1).jpgGinger: Well, there you have it, Ms. True Balyage on the nature of her method and most importantly who she isn't (please don't forget it).

T.Balyage: SHE IS NOT ME!

Disclaimer: This service does NOT include a root retouch. If you would like a root retouch with your service please call the salon to book.