Top knots continue to have their moment, don’t they?


Yes, they have their place on that busy morning when getting out the door with any semblance of being put together is asked of us. Cute option, no doubt. 


But we all know that the much-loved top knot shines particularly bright on these hot summer days - where being cool, chill and adorbs is quite near mandatory for the rigors of summer living, which may include poolside meetups, evening cocktails, or running the kids to camp. 


The great news is top knots are SIMPLE. I know we all  luvvvvv to overcomplicate things. It’s what we do. But this top knot - this is NOT the time or the place to overcomplicate. And for proof - we’ve wrangled Ginger Stylist, Carrie, to give us the step by step guide on your go-to top knot. 




  1. Put your favorite scrunchie or no metal hairband on your dominant  wrist. Using both hands, scoop your hair up into a single ponytail, top, sides, then bottom. You may even feel comfortable flipping your head upside down, then bundling all your hair together at the top of your noggin. 


  1. Once all the hair is gathered, put it all in your dominant hairband hand.


  1. Use your non-dominant hand to pull your hairband off your wrist and around your ponytail.


  1. Wrap band 1-2x, (1x less than you would normally). Hold band open and taught with your dominant hand.  I like to rest my hand with the open band against my head, band over my knuckles, index finger over the ponytail, thumb under.


  1. Take your ends in your non-dominant hand, twist from band to ends so hair is contained together.


  1. Wrap twisted hair around band into a circle, towards your dominant hand and begin your knot. 


  1. Use your dominant palm and squash hair into your head. This gives you a chance to reset your non-dominant hand to the back of your knot, and re-twist your ends.


  1. Complete wrapping in a circle until 1"-3" of ends are left.  Tuck these inside the center, and using your dominant index finger, pull your ends through the center creating your knot.


  1. Use your non-dominant hand to grab your hairband off of your knuckles and make one final wrap along the outside of the knot.


  1. If you want, pull a couple face framing pieces out... Around the temples, or those little broken pieces in front of your ears from wearing your mask! Wala!