We LOVE hearing about the fun you all are having this summer - reuniting with friends and family, going on the adventures you’d postponed, and truly digging into the spirit of pent up joviality. 


Same. Behind the scenes, we cleared our books for a reunion with our most epic Ginger Salon tradition: Water Wars. And your fave stylist got SOAKED with Paloma in hand. It’s a skill. 


After the fun was canceled last summer due to … you know, our staff showed up in matching jean jackets ready to P-L-A-Y with a fury so relentless, Deanna barely had time to dole out White Claws before the Super Soakers. 


In true Ginger fashion, it was a Water War to remember. 


Like any proper festive occasion, we started with Palomas and White Claws in hand. When you know, you know. Deanna also proceeded to give everyone Alka Seltzer on a string to wear around their necks. Anyone sporting a fizz tab still intact at the end of the war was obviously crowned for their superior Water Wars skillz. 


To break the ice and get everyone in the spirit, event number one was a classic: Soak Fest. Nobody was spared. Dripping from head to toe, it was a natural time to break for cocktails. It’s all about balance at a Ginger party. 


Event number two: Stina’s Dream. No, this is not where Stina wakes up in a field of friendly kittens bringing her chocolates and champs. This is where we take turns slingshotting water balloons at her. Close. There was ONE winner among us all: Brittany! 


The efforts were admirable and impressive - to say the least. So much so, more White Claws were in order to properly prepare for the next main event: The Water Balloon Toss. Yes, we’ve been training for this since our youth in school yards and grandparents’ backyards. And yet, call it a fluke, many of us were eliminated within the first couple throws. Imagine that. 


Judging by the White Claw supply, it was time for the final event: Capture the Flag (think: Pop the Water Balloon). It was sloppy, it was passionate, and it was SO US as we laughed, joked, and approached it with all our might. Winners were crowned - and so were the losers. Because. Effort. Effort ribbons are appreciated for a reason. We know them well in the world of serious physical exertion. 


From what we are hearing behind the chairs, so many of you are experiencing the joy of being together again with our favorites. For us, being able to do so was a complete dream. We have just enough time to recover and restore until our next Ginger team extravaganza: Bunko Night. Based on what we’ve witnessed at Water Wars, there’s no question we are ready to take on this suburban tradition with an unmatched flavor. We’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.