And we don’t use that word lightly. Unless we’re talking cats. 


With four different heat activated sprays: smooth, lift, bounce, and thicken, Kevin Murphy’s new EVER line is a game changer in the blowout world - both for you at home and for our stylists in the salon.  Simply spritz on towel-dried hair before a blowout - or use on dry hair before styling with heat tools. Done. That easy. 


“Honestly, with such an intense year behind us- hair styling seems to have evolved into self care. A lot of people have chosen to grow out their hair during COVID- and with that became a need for tools to be able to help with styling. Here came the EVER line!” said Ginger stylist Nicki Rhoads. “We were all so excited about EVER smooth when it came out. It was just what we needed as stylists to bump up our blowouts in a time where the glamour blowout was creeping its way up!  It seems like a natural link to add in and create a whole line of EVER products!” 


The KM Ever Line is fully stocked at all Ginger locations. Come and get it, gorgeous! Or come to the salon, book a blowout and let us try the magic out on YOU! You gotta feel it to believe it. And with Earth Day freshly behind us, we are psyched, per usual, that all KM products come in ocean safe plastic packaging. Respect.