We asked Lindsey Cronn, lead stylist at Ginger, to give us her winter hair care tips. Because we all know keeping our locks fresh, healthy, and happy takes a special touch during our PNW winters, her advice is just what we need to slay this season. 



Winter in the PNW is filled with grey days and big, bold rain clouds. Oftentimes when the weather is cool and cold, we retreat into our cozy routines. The best place to start with your hair is the base - or scalp. Seasonal weather causes changes in the scalp and can create buildup. Book a scalp treatment that's catered to your scalp needs and slough off any excess from last season! 


Even in the gloomy months, it's important to trim the ends of your hair to prevent breakage and keep that hair strand in optimal health. 


Considering how damp the PNW is all fall/winter, it's imperative to make sure you are getting your hair fully dry on a regular basis. If you are not someone who likes to heat-style your hair, just focus on drying the roots of your hair.  Make sure you are always using a heat-protective product before drying.


You can also utilize a diffuser attachment for more volume and an effortless, natural style. This hair is not fussy in the rain and allows movement and shape to be flexible in imperfect weather conditions. 


To prevent frizz, opt for a moisture cream rather than an oil.


If you have an afternoon outing outside, or dinner plans after an excursion, experiment with braids. Try both two strand and three strand braids. Keep bobby pins and hair ties in the dash of your vehicle for quick transitions! Simply braid and mist with texture spray. 


Travel size products are great for toting in your bag - and can do wonders in a pinch. 

The winter is wild, and your hair can be, too. Lean in and embrace it.