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Updated November 20, 2020

Ginger Salon is open during current Freeze! All Ginger Salon staff are getting tested every two weeks for COVID-19. 


Updated August 8, 2020

All Ginger Salon staff are now getting regularly tested for COVID-19. A significant portion of the Ginger Salon COVID-19 surcharge is going toward paying for these tests.


Updated June 17

As Multnomah County plans to reopen in phase 1, Ginger Salon is reopening Saturday, June 20th. In order to attend any appointments at Ginger Salon, you must have a signed waiver on file. This waiver was emailed from Docusign/pandadoc in early June. If you have not signed this waiver or are not sure, contact Darren at 971-267-4080. This waiver must be signed 24 hours prior to any appointment.

Ginger Salon takes COVID-19 extremely seriously. This new normal has created significant changes to our day-to-day experience. Please read below for all new salon rules and protocols.

Please make sure you have filled out a Pandadoc we sent you and that you have read all changes before your appointment.

Changes for Clients

  • You must not visit the salon if you or a family member are exhibiting COVID-19-like symptoms, are high risk, have a temperature above 100.0, or if you have been otherwise exposed to COVID-19. We will reschedule you for 72 hours after your last exhibited symptom. 
  • Ginger Salon has implemented a $20 surcharge on all services until government restrictions on salons have eased. This surcharge helps offset the cost of stylist protective equipment, client protective equipment, sanitizer, Covid-19 tests and increased time between clients.
  • All clients must wait in their cars until the stylist calls them into the salon to begin their appointment.
  • All clients must arrive alone to their appointment. No emotional support animals are allowed in the salon, along with no friends or family members. This includes children who do not have an appointment.
  • All clients and staff must enter Ginger Salon wearing a face mask that fully covers their nose and mouth. We will provide single use masks to clients, because masks are affected by the hair color/ shampooing portion of your visit. 
  • Ginger Salon is not allowed to offer drinks or similar amenities to clients, including tap water. Please bring all drinks with you. 
  • By mandate of the governor, Ginger Salon must have a valid mailing address, email address, and phone number on file for all clients.

Changes for Stylists

  • All staff must wear personal protective equipment, including masks, eye protection and gloves when needed for color services. All staff and clients will either wash their hands vigorously before a service, or use hand sanitizer and vigorously rub their hands together as if they are washing them.
  • All staff must have their temperature taken before starting their shift, and midway through their shift. If their temperature lifts to above 100.0, they must go home. Stylists cannot see clients until they have had a temperature reading below 100.0 for at least 72 hours.
  • Ginger Salon has implemented a 15 minute period between all clients, which stylists must use to deep clean their area, sanitize, and reset for their next client. 
  • All services must be pre shampooed at GInger Salon. All haircuts must be shampooed thoroughly before a service can be performed. If this is not possible, in the case of hair coloring or dry cutting, gloves must be used by stylists at all times. After a shampoo service has been performed, stylists do not need to continue wearing gloves to complete the haircutting service. Gloves do need to be worn during all consultations.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I want to have my hair cut dry, why can’t I have my hair cut dry? Why do I have to come into the salon with clean hair, and then have you shampoo it?
A: As of phase one, no one can get a haircut with dry hair. Just like hands, hair must be washed twice in order for our stylists to be able to cut it without gloves. This is a rule set by the Oregon Health Authority.  Because you cannot wash and dry hair before color services, stylists will be using gloves the entire time until they can wash out the color and continue with the service. 

Q: Should I arrive with freshly washed hair?
A: No, Oregon state law states that clients need to come with clean, dry hair. We will then wash the hair ourselves, before we touch it without gloved hands. All clients have to have their hair washed twice before touching it without gloves.

Q: But does that means I should wash it sometime soon before I come in?
A: Yes. This probably means you'll have your hair shampooed twice in one day. Before your appointment, wash your hair, and fully dry it. Then, it will be washed again in the salon, per OHA requirements.

Q: I have been quarantined with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or someone who has COVID-19-like symptoms. Can I come into the salon?
A: Unfortunately, no. We hope you and your loved ones feel better soon. You’ll have to wait until you or the affected person has been free of symptoms for 72 hours.

Q: I am a first responder/grocery clerk and am working with the general public. Does this exclude me from coming to Ginger Salon?
A: No it does not exclude you from coming! We do not exclude front-line workers from visiting Ginger Salon. Ginger Salon is also refusing to force clients to have their temperature taken, since this isn’t effective regarding controlling the Covid-19 spread and there can be carriers with no symptoms. (Of course, if you feel sick and/or have a fever, please stay home.) Long story short – if you are a grocery clerk or a first responder, you’re welcome in Ginger Salon. Please come!

Q: I am a breastfeeding mother with a newborn and need to bring my child with me, but only one person can come to the salon at one time. What should I do?
A: As far as it concerns COVID-19, state law considers everyone under the same roof one person. That means you may bring children with you if you cannot find a sitter for them. That being said, all locations have a very limited maximum occupancy. If you bring too many people with you, you may not be admitted.

Q: I am a child under 16 who needs to have a guardian with me to pay for my appointment and be with me. Can I come in?
A: Yes. However, if maximum occupancy has been reached, you may have to wait outside and switch places with your guardian when their service is complete.

Q: I am a child under 11 years of age. Can I get a children’s haircut while my Guardian gets their haircut?
A: Yes, however it is a full-price haircut. We do not do children's haircut pricing at this time. As in other cases, if maximum occupancy has been reached, your or your guardian may have to wait outside during some or all of the service.

Q: You're currently charging an additional $20 for every service. Instead, why not ask for a donation or try raising money? We either pay or not be a customer of Ginger Salon? Is this really the only option?
A: Ginger Salon prices itself in the moderate level of salons in Portland, OR. I am careful to price stylists and their services based exclusively on supply and demand, so price gouging does not occur. I have stylists that charge anywhere between $40 and $105 at this time, so all clients can choose very specifically what would work with their personal budgets. 

The quarantine experience has been stressful for all Americans, and the world. Economies are collapsing, the unemployment rate in the US has reached 18 percent, and in March Ginger Salon had to lay off 95% of it's work force, including myself (the owner). We were closed down and forced not to bringing in income for three full months before we go back to work. Thank god for unemployment for my employees, or I would not know what they would do. I am also struggling with hair salons being in Phase 1 of being open in Oregon. My employees are still fearful for their personal safety during this time. Clients are anxious to reconnect with their stylist, and find the safety and escapism that a salon creates. I am tasked with creating a safe space for my employees, ensuring clients feel supported and protected, and implementing an aggressive list of new legally mandated rules for salons. In fact, none of the new rules I am implementing are my idea, they are all government mandated. This includes the extensive list of personal protective equipment I have to supply to my staff. Ginger Salon has spent a significant amount of money on PPE, and since this PPE has to be single use, much of this expense will occur every month while it's mandated.

In addition to this PPE expense, there is also an additional 15 minute block between all clients, where stylists will have to run through a list of mandatory cleaning and resetting requirements, requirements that used to take only 30 seconds between clients. Because my staff is paid on commission, 35% of the total surcharge will be paid to them to cover the 15 minutes of labor that they will have to add to their daily jobs, as well as used as hazard pay for them. The other 65% is used for the purchase of PPE and continuous bi weekly COVID-19 testing of employees. Even at that fee, the overhead for the salon will well exceed this. I am not doing any of this to try and take more money from the public. I am following mandatory protocols to protect you, and my staff, from contracting Covid-19.

I understand that everyone has a personal budget that they follow for the protection of themselves and their families, and I respect that. Note that if surcharges are not in line with your personal choice, you can be added to a phase two call back where the surcharge will be dropping in half, or a call back list during phase 3 where most likely the surcharge will disappear completely. 

Please check back regularly, this section will be updated whenever a question arises!